About Scalys

About Scalys

Scalys, based in Hengelo (the Netherlands), was founded in 2016 by Sintecs to provide advanced high-performance embedded system solutions. Scalys is a Dutch innovative company in the field of high performance, small form-factor, safety critical and cost effective embedded systems & modules for e.g. the automotive-, avionics-, defence-, industrial-, medical and telecommunication industries.

An ideal alternative to custom engineering

System on a module (SOM) is an ideal alternative to custom engineering. With a SOM approach you get the best aspects of both buying an off the shelf Single Board Computer (SBC) and of a Custom Engineered solution. With off the shelf standard components such as a generic carrier board and SOM module, it is possible to start development on your software applications before the custom carrier board is complete; thus offering a reduced time to market for your system. By using our off the shelf SOM including BSP, combined with our integration and design services, you can easily eliminate up to 6-12 months from your development timeline.

Customized modules for your project

Besides our range of different SOM’s, Scalys can also offer customized variants of our modules for your project. You’ll then benefit from our excellence experience and can therefore reduce the cost of your product and shorten your time to market requirements. We offer a modular design concept that guarantees long-term quality as well as profitability due to additional innovation cycles and the usage of latest available processors.

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