Home networks are at risk!

The number of connected smart home devices increases rapidly. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker the market will grow 31 per cent year over year. Smart loudspeakers, lighting, thermostat and security are applied in house more and more. This gives extra possibilities and ease of use, but also the danger of being hacked. Hackers always prey on weak networks to hack them and subsequently use them to extort money or get their hands on sensitive data or even physically break into your home by shutting down alarm systems and opening doors by wireless access.

Many devices are badly protected

In many cases products like a smart refrigerator or a smart TV aren’t made with security as an important feature. With the new generation of smart products security has received more attention, however not all manufacturers are equally bothered by it. One of the tips you will always receive is to update the newest version of security software. For older products it is highly likely that there are no more updates. For multiple reasons it can be hard to protect your device in your home network.

Number of IoT cyberattacks increases

According to Kaspersky IoT Lab Report the number of attacks using malware on the Internet of Things was tripled in the first half of 2018. And the attacks are getting better. Hackers are realising more and more the financial possibilities of breaking and entering a network of devices. In 93 per cent of the cases guessing the password is the ultimate hacking method: it is the fastest way and often routers are used to do it.
“For those people who think that IoT devices don’t seem powerful enough to attract the attention of cybercriminals, and that they won’t become targets for malicious activities, this research should serve as a wake-up call," David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab said.

Securing home networks

IoT vendors pays almost no attention to the security aspects, when they develop a new product. Most of these consumer devices are developed for ease of use and not for enabling a secure communication as well. Because it is very hard to secure all these connected devices, it is wiser to pay attention to secure the communication of these connected devices. Besides these connected devices, also your home router is designed to focus more on other aspects than security. Aspects like e.g. the best WiFi signal or simplified operation are more important than security for router vendors. For this reason Scalys developed the TrustBox Router, which is the best in class secure router for home networks, which not only secure the communication but also the devices connected to it. The TrustBox has been designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands, cooperating intensively with Sintecs, NXP and Microsoft. At the CES (Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) 2019 TrustBox has won the Best of Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy.

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