The SiMC-T10xx is based on the latest NXP QorIQ T1 family of communication processors with up to four 64-bit cores, built on the Power Architecture® technology (e5500). It also includes the high-performance data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) and network peripheral bus interfaces.

Significant performance benefits

This SOM is ideally suited for use in low power, mixed control and data plane applications such as fixed routers, switches, Internet access devices, firewall and other packet filtering applications, as well as general purpose embedded computing. Its high level of integration offers significant performance benefits and greatly helps to simplify board design.

Technical Highlights

  • NXP QorIQ T10xx-Series processor
  • T1020, T1022, T1040 and T1042 versions available
  • 256 KiB of private L2 cache per core
  • 256 KiB of shared L3 CoreNet platform cache (CPC)
  • 8GiB of DDR3L memory (1600MT/s)
  • 8Gbit NAND Flash
  • 256Mbit NOR Flash memory
  • High Speed interfaces: 8x Serdes (up-to 5GHz), TDM, SATA 2.0,  3.125Gbps SGMII, RGMII
  • PCI Express Gen 2.0 Controllers up to 5Gbps
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Carrier Board available enabling quick start of your developments
  • Software based on NXP Linux SDK

Any questions?

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