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Protecting Rome with the TrustBox Diode.
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Protecting Rome with the TrustBox Diode.

May 4, 2023

Nowadays a challenge of typical organizations with an operational technology (OT) environment like a manufacturing facility is protecting this environment. Organizations need to take steps to secure their OT environment from potential cyber threats or attacks. This includes:

  • monitoring the environment for potential threats,
  • securing the network and devices,
  • having a well-defined patch management process,
  • and implementing user access controls and privilege management.

Companies need to ensure that their OT systems are compliant with, applicable industry standards and use additional security measures such as a data diode to protect against unauthorized data flow between the IT and OT networks. Connecting OT systems to IT networks can lead to potential problems like data loss, malicious code injection, and denial of service attacks if not properly secured, which could result in significant downtime and data loss for the plant if a successful attack is executed.

What is a data diode?

Data diodes, also known as unidirectional gateways, are a type of network security solution that restricts the flow of data to one direction.

Unlike traditional firewalls and other security solutions, data diodes allow only one-way communication between two networks. This means that data can only travel from one network to the other, and not vice versa. Data diodes work by using physical and logical layers of security to create a secure channel between two networks, providing organizations with the assurance that their data is secure and that their networks are protected from unauthorized access.

Presenting the Scalys TrustBox Diode

Searching for a data diode we couldn’t find any which is specifically targeted for mass volume production and costs, so Scalys decided to take the challenge and develop a small and affordable data diode, named TrustBox Diode. The Scalys TrustBox Diode is a DIN rail mounted data diode powered by a standard 24V power supply.

Compared to other existing data diodes on the market this device is affordable, small, and easy to deploy, thus making it accessible for companies using this device in high quantities to protect critical infrastructure.

Join us in Rome!

During the CIRED in Rome, taking place from 12 – 15 June, Scalys will present the TrustBox Diode for the first time. Here we will show the capabilities of our TrustBox Diode to companies active in the Energy market. We are sure that in here the diode will prove its competence and value.  More information about the Scalys TrustBox Diode can be found on our website:

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