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Meet the SCALYS
TrustBox RZ Family

The TrustBox RZ Family is a portfolio of hardware hardened communication devices and solutions optimized for applications.

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Application security

Secure and hardware hardened devices are fundamental for our customers. The secure by design philosophy in our DNA is carried over to our solutions, such as the TrustSys RZ family. Featuring end-to-end security in combination with a cutting-edge, easy to deploy platform ensures the most secure solution for your application environment.

Next level AI

Secure local Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven data processing through running applications in a tamper-proof trusted environment. The next level is Machine Learning (ML) through data processing with a dedicated AI processor.

The Renesas RZ processors provide low energy consumption and no need for heat dissipation, which is ideal for edge applications.

  • DRP AI accelerator
  • ARM® Trustzone
  • Infineon OPTIGA® TPM
  • Open enclave SDK
  • Ready for confidential computing


Smart Health, Food, Home Automation, and Retail are some examples of markets where TrustBox RZ improves data processing.

TrustBox RZ provides secure and streamlined vital processes running precious applications in a trusted environment aided by Machine Learning (ML) through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Trust your data output with a standalone capable TrustBox RZ solution.

The right AI driven solution
for your application

The TrustBox RZ family offers next-level data processing on the edge, meeting your requirements:

TrustBox RZ/V2L
TrustSys RZ/V2L Gigabit Ethernet 2ch Cortex-A55, Cortex-M33 16GB eMMC 4GB RAM 2 x USB 3.0 AI accelerator; DRP-AI Discrete TPM
TrustBox RZ/G2L
TrustSys RZ/G2L Gigabit Ethernet 2ch Cortex-A55, Cortex-M33 64MB QSPI, 512MB NAND 4GB RAM 2 x USB 3.0 Discrete TPM

SCALYS Application
ecosystem partners

SCALYS partners that advocate and use the members of the TrustBox Edge Family.


Curious about running applications secure?