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TrustBox Connect

A portable cyber security device securing your communication when working out of office

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Portable corporate cyber security

Safeguard your laptop or tablet from suspicious WiFi access points by directly connecting to a corporate network and/or VPN connection.

Prevent your communication from being compromised and your data stolen by protecting yourself, from man-in-the-middle attacks and other malicious activity, with the TrustBox Connect. Through layered security and our dedicated Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the TrustBox Connect provides security as no consumer solutions can.

We make cyber security easy

Therefore using the TrustBox Connect is as simple as “Plug and Protect.” Because complexity should not stand in the way of cyber security.

Establish a secure connection and become cyber resilient in just 3 quick steps. We simplified technology for you to connect securely.

Market applications

As businesses change to hybrid working, the need for secure remote working is more important than ever.

TrustBox Connect provides security in sectors where high assurance is essential, like banking, government and defense, and legal departments. Wherever cyber security is valued, the TrustBox Connect will prove its worth.

TrustBox Connect features

Designed with security in mind, the TrustBox Connect combines trust technologies like NXP® Layerscape® and Infineon OPTIGA™ into a lightweight, portable, high-performance, cyber-secure office solution.

TrustBox Connect
TrustBox Connect
NXP LS1028A 1 x 1Gbps 2 x Cortex®-A72 @ 1.3GHz 16GB eMMC 4GB RAM discrete TPM 1 x USB 3.0

ecosystem partners

We stay ahead of the curve in cyber security by collaborating with these industry leading companies.

Gold Partner NXP

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