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TrustBox Mute

The TrustBox Mute prevents possible eavesdropping on conversations by your cellphone while it still remains visible accessible.

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Portable privacy

In environments where strict confidentiality is key, it is crucial to maintain absolute privacy while remaining accessible for incoming calls and messages. TrustBox Mute serves as the ideal solution for this scenario. With TrustBox Mute, you can engage in conversations with confidence, knowing that malicious actors will not be able to eavesdrop on your confidential meetings.

We make cyber security easy

TrustBox Mute stands out due to its distinctive design and functionality, offering the ultimate solution for audible eavesdropping prevention. This pocket-sized device offers a wide range of features for simple operation.

Market applications

You can have peace of mind knowing that your meetings remain confidential, regardless of your industry.

TrustBox Mute ensures utmost security in critical sectors such as banking, government, defense, and legal departments. Wherever privacy is prioritized, TrustBox Mute will consistently demonstrate its exceptional value.

TrustBox Mute features

  • 100% true random hardware generated noise
  • 40 hours of private conversation on a full battery
  • Easily operated with one hand
  • Wireless charging of your cell phone
  • USB-C connectivity
  • 3 Privacy volume settings
  • Rigid and durable casing
TrustBox Mute
TrustBox Mute

FAQ Mute

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