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Tailored solutions

Our goal is to offer cyber security solutions for every use case. Even if this means going beyond the standard. No cyber security challenge is too great, see how we use our digital building blocks to create your desired tailored solution.

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Security by design

Every product created by Scalys is held up to the highest cyber security standards. From design to supply chain, Scalys enforces zero trust throughout all of its processes. Assuring that we create products that best protect your most precious digital assets.

Electronics design to fit your case

When your embedded security system needs to be designed to your specific needs, Scalys has experienced designers which will design the integrated security system of your dreams.

Listening to your design needs and through open communication, we are a true partner and extension of your organization. Our customers experience collaboration with Scalys as open, professional, and effective.

Cyber security veterans

Through years of experience, we know how to make high-speed optimized designs. Our engineers are all taught to work according to the highest security standards. Cost-effective and ready for production, our designs bring your cyber security to reality.

Product design

Of course, every electronic application needs a sleek design to promote its cyber-secure functionality. To complement our solutions, we design complete, easy-to-use products. That makes sure nothing gets in the way of your products being utilized to their full potential.

Hardened hardware

Secure-designed hardware is only half of a secure Scalys solution. That is why Scalys hardens all of its hardware with layered security. Most important of which is securely designed software. No custom Scalys design is complete without a custom software solution to harden your securely designed hardware.

Sintecs design solutions

Electronic design of the future. Sintecs takes pride in its “designing on the edge” approach. Always moving the realm of possibilities by technological advancement. Sintecs makes your design right the first time. Leveraging Signal, Power, and Thermal analysis to complement their extensive PCB-design knowledge, which takes Scalys design even further.

Tailor make my solution