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Meet the Scalys
TrustBox Diodes

In case a firewall doesn’t cover the requirements of your security posture, Scalys’ data diodes add an additional layer of “defense in depth” to prevent a data breach.

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TrustBox Diode security

Based on pure physics, Scalys’ hardware-hardened data diodes complement our cyber secure portfolio by keeping hackers out of your network. Our unidirectional network communication device separates the source and destination networks with a one-direction data transfer and thus minimizes entry points of attack.

Cyber secure technology

The secure-by-design philosophy behind the data diode is based on the desire to transfer data solely in one-way. Physically separating the in and outgoing data, ingress, and egress, meaning that it simply cannot be comprised.

Market applications

Getting data out of a facility but not letting data enter a facility is especially important in critical infrastructure. Data diodes can be found in various markets such as building automation, smart energy, automation, and control, but also in sectors such as finance, government, and law enforcement.

The right datadiode

We offer ready-to-deploy devices for every specific network security challenge.

TrustBox Diode
TrustBox Diode
Dual TrustSom 
RZ/V2L USB-B 3.0 Hardware enforced diode Secure on premise updates Cortex A55, 
Cortex M33 x2 Vertical positioned 4GB RAM x2 DIN-rail mount Gigabit Ethernet 1ch x2

SCALYS Datadiode
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