The TrustBox, a high-grade security router designed and developed in The Netherlands, has won the ‘Best of Innovation Award’ in the category Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy by the organization of CES. The TrustBox will be officially presented during CES, January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The TrustBox is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for digital security at home. The number of connected devices (IoT) in our houses is increasing rapidly, however security of those devices remains behind and the number of cyber-attacks grows alarmingly. Home networks are at risk!

Scalys developed the TrustBox Router, which is the best in class secure router for home networks, which not only secure the communication but also the devices connected to it. The TrustBox has been designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands, cooperating intensively with Sintecs, NXP and Microsoft.

At the CES (Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) 2019 TrustBox has won the Best of Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy.


Number of smart home (IoT) devices is growing rapidly

TrustBox is the best in class secure router

Many IOT devices are badly protected

TrustBox secures the connection and the connected devices

Number of IoT cyberattacks increases

TrustBox updates the latest security software automatically

Standard home routers are not designed with security in mind

TrustBox integrates easily with smart home security software platforms


Hardware hardened security (e.g. Secure Boot, Secure Software provisioning, Secure Storage)

64bit ARM (NXP) network processor with networking and crypto acceleration

Open source software platform (Linux, OpenWRT)

High-speed networking connectivity (1Gbps)

Add-ons possible like mSATA or LTE connectivity (M.2 slot)