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Scalys and Willow, Security at its Finest:
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Scalys and Willow, Security at its Finest:

January 27, 2023

Building security:

When Willow needed to securely extract data from OT networks for their IoT use-case, they reached out to Scalys. As a provider of smart building solutions like Digital Twin and Willow Twin, Willow has always sought to add value. Live data from OT networks, ranging from traditional systems like HVAC and Energy to more recent technology advancements like people, occupancy, and smart city solutions, is the basis for owners and operators of buildings and infrastructure to make proactive, data-driven decisions to reduce expenses, grow profits, and better manage risk through predictive maintenance.

Connecting to Scalys through the Microsoft partner network, Willow found the perfect match for their IoT needs. With their innovative character and specialization in cybersecurity, Scalys had a proven track record as a Microsoft Azure partner. As a solution, they provided Willow with hardware hardened, secure, and easy deployable devices, the TrustBox Edge.

By listening to Willow’s needs, a portable and easy to deploy solution was created that still allowed for firmware updates to take place securely.

The TrustBox Edge exemplifies secure IoT edge devices. By applying a “secure by design” approach, Scalys guarantees a secure managed supply chain, secure component selection, and secure development.

This secure by design approach is the go-to development process to ensure cybersecure and reliable solutions, using only the most trusted suppliers and developers such as ARM® and Microsoft®. Furthermore, Scalys maintains a zero-trust policy to provide the most secure and reliable solution. If you are looking for a partner to help with your IoT or IIoT edge solution, our cyber security experts are happy to help.

Contact Michel Veldkamp and Sander Speek to find out more or connect with us through social media.

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