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Office ecosystem

Protecting communication for high assurance environments.

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Industry leading security

Securing corporate communication is key, especially in industries where high assurance is needed. Scalys creates secure devices by combining innovative ideas and insights into cyber security.

The Scalys office ecosystem provides high data security by protecting your employees’ communication no matter where they are.

TrustBox Connect

Securing your communication while working out of office by expanding your secure corporate network or VPN connection with our TrustBox Connect.

Avoid exploitation of vulnerabilities in your portable device like a laptop or tablet by securing your connection through our TrustBox Connect.

TrustBox Mute

The TrustBox Mute prevents possible eavesdropping on conversations by your cellphone while remaining visibly accessible.

When your mobile phone is inside of the TrustBox Mute your conversations are protected against eavesdropping.

Tailored solutions

Designed with cyber security in mind we develop innovative ideas into a real product, for secure working in and out office environments.

SCALYS Networking
ecosystem partners

We stay ahead of the curve in cyber security by collaborating with these industry leading companies.

Gold Partner NXP

Curious about securing your data?