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Application ecosystem

Enabling entry level artificial intelligence and machine learning applications where cyber security is required.

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Industry leading security

Secure and reliable hardware is the foundation for every environment where artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are applied. Scalys devices are secure by design and built with zero trust in mind.

Our hardened application solutions provide a TEE (trusted execution environment) by using technology from Renesas, Arm, and Infineon.

TrustSys RZ Family

The TrustSys RZ Family is a line-up of cyber secure ready to deploy devices with AI capabilities.

Using an AI accelerator providing both real-time AI inference and image processing functions with capabilities essential for camera support.

Combined with great power efficiency the TrustSys RZ devices are ideal for IoT edge applications.

Tailored solutions

Designed with cyber security in mind we developed a hardened IoT module to use as a building block to go beyond our standard device solutions.

Using our industry standards to assure your use case a Scalys secure product.

SCALYS Application
ecosystem partners

We stay ahead of the curve in cyber security by collaborating with these industry leading companies.


Curious about securing your data?