Enable Secure CommunicationScalys offers Unique Solutions for the Next Generation in Secure & High Performance Communications

Single Board Computers & System On Modules

Scalys, based in Hengelo (the Netherlands), was founded in 2017 to provide advanced high-performance embedded system solutions. Scalys offers a Unique Solutions to develop the Next Generation in Secure & High Performance Communications delivering enterprise-class performance and security capabilities to avionics, consumer, Internet of Things and networking applications using highly Scale-able & Modular platforms.

Customized modules for your specific needs

Besides our large range of standard SOMs, Scalys also offers customized variants of our modules to suit your specific needs. We offer you a modular design concept that guarantees long-term quality as well as profitability, due to continuous innovation and the application of the newest processors. This means we can either make a specific version of a SOM or merge your electronic circuits with those of our SOM into a single and more cost effective PCB. Your biggest advantages: you can benefit from our design experience, reduce the costs of your product and shorten your time to market.

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Scalys SES-LS1012A (Grapeboard) SBC

Discover our possibilities to realize your custom electronics Scalys can offer customized modules for your project. Contact us to learn more about customized modules.
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