Secure Intelligent Edge solutions

TrustBox for secure communication and AI/ML on the edge

When you are looking for security at the Edge, you have to think about:

- the physical security of endpoints
- authentication of connected devices
- the security of application software
- the security of the connections between IoT devices and the central network

More and more organisations will come to rely heavily on their IoT-based applications. A high level of trust in the data from these connected assets are of crucial importance!

Scalys is one of the frontrunners in offering security at the Edge with our hardware hardened Edge devices.

Our TrustBox Edge platform (Azure IoT Edge certified) does not only protect your data when it is in rest or in transit but also when it is in use! Developed in close collaboration with Microsoft our TrustBox Edge fully supports confidential computing (Open Enclave SDK).

Please contact us to discuss how Scalys can help you secure your critical assets and IoT applications.



Cybersecurity comprises technologies, processes and controls that are designed
to protect systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks.


Security on the endpoints (client-server, or client-client for peer-to-peer) is an absolute requirement for secure communications.


Everyone wants to push more data faster, and that need is driving rapid changes in communication performance of our connected devices.


Our Secure Networking solutions combine leading technology with innovative design concepts to modernize and simplify your network.