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Secure hardened communication devices

Scalys is the leader in cyber-secure communication.
Our hardware hardened solutions secure companies around the globe and protect them from cyber threats.

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Protecting your intellectual property and data

In the domain of Automation and Control, Scalys plays a vital role in bolstering digital infrastructures against cyber threats. Our innovative solutions provide robust protection for automation and control systems, ensuring the seamless operation of industrial processes and critical machinery. From managing production lines to optimizing workflow efficiencies, Scalys safeguards essential operations, enabling secure and efficient automation processes. Discover how our tailored solutions enhance the security and reliability of Automation and Control systems.

In the rapidly transforming Smart Health sector, Scalys ensures the integrity and confidentiality of medical data and health communication systems. Our cybersecurity solutions are crucial for protecting sensitive health information across various healthcare settings. We provide robust protection for networks and devices, facilitating secure data sharing and enhancing patient care. Explore our dedicated solutions for Smart Health and see how we’re making healthcare safer and more reliable.

In the world of Networking and Computing, Scalys plays a crucial role in strengthening digital infrastructures against cyber threats. Our cutting-edge solutions provide robust protection for networks, servers, and computing devices, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of data and secure communication channels. From data centers to cloud environments, Scalys ensures critical operations run smoothly, enabling seamless connectivity and optimal performance. Discover how our tailored solutions enhance the security and reliability of Networking and Computing systems.

In the field of Building Automation, Scalys stands as a key player in reinforcing digital infrastructures against cyber threats. Our advanced solutions provide robust protection for building automation systems, ensuring the seamless operation of smart buildings and facilities. From controlling HVAC systems to managing security protocols, Scalys safeguards critical operations, enabling efficient and secure automation processes. Discover how our tailored solutions enhance the security and reliability of Building Automation systems.

Leader in cyber secure communication

SCALYS, security at the Edge, means proven security solutions based on a zero-trust principle. Hardware is the foundation of any organization. Our hardware is designed around several layers of security to minimize the chance of a security breach.

Cyber secure communication

How we help organisations

With our unique understanding of how to create highly secure hardware, combined with market insights we help our customers to create a cyber-secure environment.

Scalys product solutions

Our products are core for routers, (I)IoT gateways, edge devices, and office environment security. We provide a cyber secure communication solution for every organization.

Our hardware hardened solutions range from ready-to-deploy devices for networking, applications, or offices to portable cyber secure devices.

Our approach and insights improve your network communication security

Scalys provides
unique insights here
Business Analysis
Market Analysis
Operating Peculiarities
Security Assessment
Data Insight
Users Insight
Threats Insight
Environment Insight
Risks Insight
Process Flow Insight
Functionality Insight
User Products
Software Insight
Hardware Insight
Tailor Made Insight

Secure by design

Secure by design is our uniqueness. To build a completely secure solution from scratch, starting from secure boot to protecting data in use, transportation or storage is part of our DNA. By combining hardware, software, and a focus on longevity support, our hardened configuration is key to protecting your organization.

Secure by design

Tailor-made to YOUR needs

Every organization is different, but they all share the same challenge. They need to protect their assets against the rising threat of cyber attacks. Scalys hardened communication devices are tailored to secure your foundation.

Ready for Scalys?

Stay ahead of the curve by adopting cyber security into your DNA now! As the necessity for protection rises, the focus shifts more and more to data protection. Let us safeguard your business continuity now and in the future.

Curious about securing your data?