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The 2023 PSA Certified Security report is here
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The 2023 PSA Certified Security report is here

June 29, 2023

We would like to highlight PSA with the recent release of the 2023 PSA Certified Security report. As a certified PSA partner, we are proud to be part of this framework that ensures the security of connected IoT devices.

PSA what is it?

PSA Certified offers a comprehensive approach, covering analysis, security assessment, and certification, aiming to address the fragmented IoT requirements and eliminate security barriers in product development.

A pillar of the Cassini project.

PSA Certified is an essential component of the Cassini project, an open and collaborative initiative that focuses on delivering a seamless cloud-native software experience for devices based on Arm Cortex-A. By combining PSA certification with ARM system readiness, developers of IoT infrastructure edge solutions can establish a secure foundation for their products.

The 2023 report.

The newly published 2023 report titled “Regulation & Security: The Multiplier Effect” provides valuable insights into the current state of connected device security. It also highlights the increasing significance of device security legislation, surpassing even the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for most businesses. The report offers comprehensive facts and figures as organizations prioritize cybersecurity in their operations. Download the report here: Regulation & Security: The Multiplier Effect

Scalys on device security and PSA.

Scalys recognizes the significant shift in workplace and security philosophies in recent years. With the rise of flexible work arrangements, it has become crucial to have cyber secure networking solutions that adapt to these changing dynamics. PSA certification empowers us to develop user-friendly, cyber secure communication devices that protect your most valuable assets, regardless of your location.

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